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Hand Sanitizer with 75% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL Formulation by World Health Organization

RM 15.00

*To help on preventing from COVID-19 virus and all other viruses, Germs and Bacteria EFFECTIVELY.
* World Health Organization (WHO) Recommended Formulation with content ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL 75%.
* Formulation recommended by WHO : Isopropyl Alcohol 75% (v/v), Glycerol 1.45% (v/v), Hydrogen Peroxide 0.125% (v/v)
* Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer Mist Spray in PERMANENT SEALED BOTTLE to prevent liking.
* Less Alcohol Odor, Rinse Free and Non-Sticky.

* Directions: Spray of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands until dry.
* Cautions: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of the children.
* Flammable: Keep away from flame and heat.

* Content 50 ml.
* Estimation 380 Sprays.
* Travel pack 3.3 cm x 10.5cm.