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Benefits of Rice Bran Extract

Overview Information

Rice is a plant. The outer layer of the grain (bran) and the oil made from the bran are used for medicine. Rice bran oil is popular as a “healthy oil” in Japan, Asia, and particularly India. Be careful not to confuse rice bran with other forms of bran such as oat and wheat bran.

Rice bran is used for treating diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, alcoholism, obesity, and AIDS; for preventing stomach and colon cancer; for preventing heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular) disease; for strengthening the immune system; for increasing energy and improving athletic performance; for improving liver function; and as an antioxidant.

Rice bran oil is also used for high cholesterol. Some people apply rice bran directly to the skin for an allergic skin rash called eczema (ectopic dermatitis).



Rice bran oil is extracted from the germ as well as the husk of rice.  Manufacturers squeeze the hull or even bran of the rice grain and turn it into an oil. A few companies use natural and “cold pressed” techniques to preserve the organic quality of the product.

Rice bran oil contains a large percentage of fatty acids that are rich in Omega 3 and 9. As mentioned above, the oil is an excellent source of moisturizer for your skin!

Aside from skin benefits, rice bran oil is well-known in Asian cuisine. It is ideal for deep as well as stir-frying because it has a very high smoking point. it is also good for salad dressings because it mixes very easily with many other ingredients. Like most of the vegetable oils, rice bran oil has various of distinctive elements, such as its nut-like aroma and unique nutritional features.

The benefits :

1. Contains rich levels of  vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, and proteins

2. Contains gamma oryzanol, a potent antioxidant. It has been used as a supplement for people with high cholesterol and symptoms of menopause

3. Possesses a unique and flavorful aroma

4. Contains  a high proportion of fatty acids

5. A good source of tocotrienols, an antioxidant that is more potent than Vitamin E.

6. A gentle oil ideal for dehydrated, flaky, delicate, mature or fragile skin (e.g baby's body), in which extra moisturization is needed.

7. Moisturizes hair and adds sheen and luster to individual hair fibers without weighing it down.

8. It is readily absorbed into the skin.


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